Haripriya Health & Wellness (www.divinebasket.in) is India’s pioneering and premium divine destination for Panchgavya, Herbal & Organic products from the past 2 years.

Our Product Range includes following :

  • Panchgavya (Desi Cow) Products
  • Herbal Health Supplements
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Herbal / Panchgavya based Personal Care products
  • Herbal / Panchgavya based Cosmetics
  • Herbal / Panchgavya based Home Care Products

We are slowly but progressively adding various divine Health & Wellness products to our array.

Our aim is to make single point destination for divine product lovers. We endeavor to make available vast array of herbal health & wellness products through our Web Store www.divinebasket.in.

Be it the Panchgavya (Cow Products), Personal care & Cosmetics, Home Care products and much more. For us our customers’ needs come first and to serve them better and offer the best in terms of quality, benefits, optimum delivery.

In addition to our own brand “panch tattva”, we source other brands like Cowpathy, Go-Seva, BioLife, Herbolent, BSY, Herbal Hills and many more.

We believe in creating lasting experiences and go an extra mile to serve our customers better. To make their Shopping journey joyful and affordable.