Herbal Hills Femohills – Value Pack 900 Capsule

Herbal Hills Femohills – Value Pack 900 Capsule


Herbal Women’s Health Value pack

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Femohills Value Pack 900 Soft gel capsules – Women’s Health
– The selection of herbs in Femohills is based upon a long standing use as a traditional solution for its nourishing effects on the female reproductive system and has traditionally been used to help maintain health and well being throughout all stages of a woman’s life.
– Ashoka is known as a uterine tonic and supports a healthy female reproductive system.
– Lodhra is considered to be useful in reducing inflammation of the uterus & helps controlling symptoms like leucorrhoea & menorrhagia.
– Dashamoola is known to have good anti-inflammatory and analgesic property, helps low backache & other painful conditions.

Beneits :
-Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and maintains menstrual flow
– Provides healthy hormonal balance
– Helps to nourish & strengthen the female reproductive organs

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