Herbal Hills Glohills 30 Capsule

Herbal Hills Glohills 30 Capsule


Herbal Healthy Skin Formula

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Glohills 30 Soft gel capsules : Healthy Skin

Glohills Soft capsule helps to manage the inner beauty of the skin & the outerglow as well. – Ayurveda considers Manjishtha & Sariva as the best blood purifiers and thus helpful in the management of various skin disorders
– Neem contains active compound triterpines which are effective anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve itching, oozing, burning sensation and infection
– Aloe is considered to be an effective skin rejuvenator
– Triphala acts as an effective colon cleanser and helps to remove toxins.

Benefits :
– Promotes skin health, helps improves the glow of skin complexion
– Anti inflammatory and anti allergic properties makes it useful in various skin diseases
– Blood purifier property helps to treat skin problems from within

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