Goseva Kanchanar Gomutra Ark 500 ML

Goseva Kanchanar Gomutra Ark 500 ML


Goseva Kanchanar Gomutra Ark 500 ML

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Kanchanar Gomutra Ark Is formulation of ayurvedic herb`s with gomutra

Kanchanar :- Accommodating in curing hormonal imbalance,cytotoxic against human epithelial larynx malignancy cells and human bosom disease cells, Helpful in cervical lymphadenitis and wounds, Valuable in Thyroid problemsand tonsils, Helpful in jaundice and all liver related problems,Useful in treating goiter (knobs of neck), tumors and additional developments, valuable in scrofulous augmentations of cervical organs, helpful in draining disorder,useful in skin sicknesses and glandular broadening ailments, infection, intestinal worms, tumors, wounds, ulcers, irritations, prostatic hypertrophy, scrofula, protoptosis, fistula in ano, gaps, hemorrhoids, haemoptysis, hack, menorrhagia, valuable in skin ailments, alleviates worm invasion, treating uncleanliness, ulcers and other skin ailments, to regard draining disarranges, for example, anomalous substantial or delayed feminine cycle, draining heaps, blood in pee, and seeping from mucous surface, looseness of the bowels, consuming sensation in pee and urinary issues, Helpful for pimples in uterus, fibroids, Valuable in tumours,pain diminishing, swelling decreasing, fever lessening, hostile to malarial, against diabetic.

Punarnava :- Lessens swelling, calming, Helpful in liver issue, Valuable for urinary issues Valuable in kidney-bladder stones, kidney issue, amplification of liver, cirrhosis of liver, jaundice, dropsy, oedema, Valuable in sickliness, Helpful in heart issue, valuable in hack and cold,asthama, heaps, stomach worms, intense sickness, assuages sputum, Helpful in blood and skin maladies, helpful in chest damage, valuable in easing torment, stomach colic, Valuable in menstrual scatters menorrhagia, enhances processing quality, enhances taste, hostile to maturing, Helpful in anorexia? helpful in Hemorrhoids, accelerates wound mending, Helpful in ascites, Helpful in unending poisonous conditions, helpful in mitigating water maintenance, Helpful for dengue fever, builds plasma insulin, enhances glucose resilience, diminishes corpulence.

Apamarga:- Valuable in heaps, hemorrhoids, Helpful in mitigating pruritic, Helpful in ascites, Calms ama, Enhances blood, Enhances absorption quality, soothes bloating, balances VataDosha, diminishes stomach colic torment, helpful in urticaria, tingling, hypersensitive skin rashes, helpful in fibroids, glandular developments, valuable in heart issue with cholesterol affidavit in veins, alleviates bloating, vaporous distension of mid-region, helpful in draining issue, separates the kidney and bladder stones, lessens fat deposition,tuberculosis.

Anantmool :- Valuable in skin illnesses, helpful in tingling, pruritic, valuable in fever, Helpful in diabetes, Valuable in urinary tract contaminations, enhances sperm quality and amount, helpful in looseness of the bowels, diarrhea, eases Ama, helpful in low processing quality, helpful in respiratory conditions, hack, chilly, asthma, helpful in immune system sickness, Rheumatoid joint pain, valuable incessant skin issue, leucoderma, gonorrhea, asthma, bronchitis, jaundice, draining heaps, diarrhea, valuable in joint pain, stomach torment, enhance bosom drain, refine bosom drain, helpful in eye ailments.

Makoy :- Valuable gainful for wounds and carcinogenic injuries, helpful in joint pain, joint torment, rheumatism,insomnia, Augmentation of liver, Spleen broadening, Stomach-hurt, stomach ulcer, hack, helps in alleviating torment in the ears, helpful in skin infections, valuable in asthma and bronchitis, treating night visual impairment, valuable in anorexia and endless fever.

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