Panchtattvas Haritaki, Harad, Harade Powder 1 KG PACK

Panchtattvas Haritaki, Harad, Harade Powder 1 KG PACK


The antioxidant & carminative properties of Haritaki Powder ? Terminalia Chebula may support the healthy digestion.
Haritaki churna is considered as a time-tested remedy for all digestion related issues.
The colon cleansing properties of Haritaki churn may remove toxins from your body to offer cleansing effects.
The rejuvenating properties of Haritaki powder may nourish and rejuvenate the tissues.

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Haritaki Powder/ Haritaki Churna: Effective Sugar Level Managing Supplement
Haritaki powder, terminalia chebula powder for healthy digestion and management of constipation is very effective, owing to the beneficial nutrients. The nutrient quotient of this sugar level management supplement may include quinic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, tannic acid etc. Additionally, haritaki churna also may contain vitamin c, tannins, arachidic acid, etc. to support healthy digestion and constipation relief. This dietary supplement also exerts various medicinal properties, some of which may include adaptogenic, alternat, antifungal, antioxidant etc. Moreover, for added advantages, this Haritaki powder may possess purgative, rejuvenating, nervine, nutritive, stomachic, antiviral etc. properties.

This haritaki churna/ terminalia chebula powder may help in maintaining blood sugar level and also for the management of constipation in natural ways. By help in resolving various digestive health issues, this Haritaki powder/ haritaki churna may promote healthy living.

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