Sheily’s Pearl Barley 400 GM

Sheily’s Pearl Barley 400 GM


“Barley is considered as a super-food that helps in stabilizing the blood glucose levels. It is highly recommended in diets which are helpful for cardiovascular protection and cancer prevention. It provides several benefits regarding weight management system. By consuming pearl barley the risk of constipation can be reduced. Barley is highly appreciated for its lipid reducing effects. Barely offers unique anti-oxidants. It helps in detoxifying entire urinary tract and digestion track by eliminating toxins from the body.

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Barley is a common staple food in humans used since ancient times and known to treat dysuria and kidney stone. Pearl Barely is 30% portion of whole barely. Pearl Barley provides several health benefits with high nutritional value which bring rejuvenation and renewal to the healthy life.

Since the year of our establishment, 1984, we are dealing with optimum quality Ayurvedic products including Ayurvedic Pearl Barley in granules form. Being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, it is recognized as a healthy diet as it gives several health benefits. Furthermore, it contains high nutritional content due to which it is highly recommended to make a life healthy and rejuvenated. We are offering Ayurvedic Pearl Barley in pure quality which is less chewy and can be cooked very easily. This barley grain without bran can be consumed in many ways such as in soups or by adding in different recipes. Our clients can purchase this pearl barley with maximum freshness in available pre-packaged or in bulk containers from us at the reasonable prices.

Further Details Of Ayurvedic Pearl Barley
? Offered Barley is considered as a super-food that stables the blood glucose level
? Highly recommended for cardiovascular protection and cancer prevention
? It provides several benefits regarding weight management system
? By consuming pearl barley the risk of constipation can be reduced
? Highly appreciated for its lipid reducing effects

Other Details
Backed with years of expertise in this domain, we are offering our clients highly effective Ayurvedic Pearl Barley. This pearl barley is a rich source of protein & fiber and has low soluble starch carbohydrates. Proposed product can help in lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and also helps in reducing body fat. It is processed by our adept professionals using premium quality barley that is cultivated under hygienic conditions. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we are offering this Ayurvedic Pearl Barley in various packaging options at marginal price.
? Offers unique anti-oxidants
? Helps to promote immune system
? Maintains healthy cholesterol levels
? Helps to purify the liver
? Balancing blood pressure and blood fat
? Keep our skin smooth
? Remove age Pigment, Freckle, Pimple, Cyasma and Butterfly Rush
? Helpful in chronic enteritis and digestive disorders

Specifications :
Type Herbal Extract
Form Powder
Part Fruit
Grade High quality Pharmaceutical product
Storage Store in packed containers at cool & dry place
Packing 1kg, 5kg/bag or 25kg/drum
Memberships SSI (Small Scale Industries) and FDA (Food & Drugs Administration

What is special about Sheily’s Pearl Barley?
Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) is a common staple food in humans used since ancient times and known to treat dysuria and kidney stone. Pearl Barely is 30% portion of whole barely. Pearl Barley provides several health benefits with high nutritional value which bring rejuvenation and renewal to the healthy life.
As per US. – FDA allowed scientific evidences of food containing Barley to carry health claims specific to soluble fiber. reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering total and LDL cholesterol due to its soluble fiber content. Thus reduce the chance of coronary heart diseases. For example, soluble fiber helps maintain blood sugar levels which may be beneficial to in preventing type 2 diabetes.
In Ayurveda [ Ref. 1 :- Vanaushadhi Gunadarshan] states- Pearl Barley is considered as coolant, laxative, diuretic, good for excess thirst & improves the skin tone. [Ref 2:- Nighantu] says- Pearl Barley detoxifies the body and due to its powerful diuretic property gives early clearance of free radicals and increased urination lead to soothing the urinary track and treating UTI.

Sheily’s Pearl Barley is rich source of Vit.B – complex & minerals. The presence of Copper in Sheily’s Pearl Barley reduces the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis & maintains flexibility in joins. Sheily’s Pearl Barley is high source of fiber helps to lower cholesterol. Sheily’s Pearl Barley – Due to high soluble fiber contain helps you to feel fullness for longer time, boosts digestion and metabolism – that lead to weight management in a better way. Antioxidants in Sheily’s Pearl Barley particularly work to slow down the rate of oxidative damage by gathering up free radicals when the body is using oxygen. Sheily’s Pearl Barley has purifying effect that enables the body to eliminate many toxins that would otherwise accumulate and disturb the day to day metabolisms activity. The high fiber content helps to maintain intestinal health thus minimizing digestion problems, hemorrhoids and other intestinal disorders. Sheily?s Pearl Barley is excellent for healthy heart and bones. Sheily’s Pearl Barley puts usable Calcium and Iron into blood which helps to fight infection.

Special Note: Take 5 spoons of Sheily’s Pearl Barley boiled in 5 glass (1 lit.) of water to makes a palatable and soothing drink. Add lemon juice and sugar or salt to taste. Remaining boiled granules can be eaten by making testy pulav or biryani. You will get lot off health benefits.

Health Benefits of Sheily’s Pearl Barley: Other references:

Pearl Barley is a powerhouse of phytonutrients that can guard the body against the risks of breast and prostate cancer. Selenium present in Barley is necessary for cell protection and hormone efficacy, acts as an antioxidant, thereby protecting the male reproductive system by producing a protein that protects sperms from oxidative damage. Selenium is also helpful in preserving elasticity of the skin by protecting it against free radical damage. Pearl Barley helps the heart, immune system, pancreas and tissues are protected and reduce the risk of cancers of the skin, colon, stomach, liver and breast. Pearl Barley distributes the amino acid, tryptophan throughout the body, thereby inducing sleep, regulating moods and helping the body to relax. Manganese and B-complex vitamins, found in Pearl Barley, are essential for the overall well-being of an individual. They promote normal bone production and eliminate the iron deficiency from the body. The amino acids and antioxidant enzymes present in barley reduce toxins in the body by supporting its gentle detoxification. Pearl Barley is known to stimulate metabolism and prevent the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in tissues. Cooling thermal nature, sweet and salty flavor, strengthens the spleen, pancreas, regulates the stomach, and fortifies the intestines. Builds the blood and yin fluids and moistens dryness, promotes diuresis, benefits the gallbladder and nerves, very easily digested. It is highly beneficial for the anemic and the nervous on account of its richness in iron and phosphorus. It is soothing and cooling. The value of barley water lies in its demulcent properties. It removes burning sensation in the urine and helps the free flow of urine.

Barley Water Health Benefits:
It is a rich source of phosphorous that is required for cell production and repair in the body. It contains copper and is therefore beneficial to people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Ancient civilizations believed that barley water was a good remedy for improving complexion and reducing the signs of aging. It is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and vitamin E. It is also a good source of minerals like Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, and Zinc.

Barley Water for Women:
Barley water is a healthy and nutritious drink for women especially during pregnancy and breast feeding. Barley water not only helps increase lactation, it also soothes the after pains of breast feeding and regulates digestion for both the mother as well as the baby. Barley water contains beta glucans that help in stimulating milk production in breast feeding mothers. It also has a low glycemic index that helps in weight loss after pregnancy.

Some of the main health benefits of barley water during pregnancy include:
It helps alleviate morning sickness and nausea. It improves digestion and prevents problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. It provides the daily requirements of essential nutrients to both the mother and the baby. It helps fight infections and diseases during pregnancy. It helps prevent yeast and urinary tract infections during pregnancy. It prevents gestational diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. It helps prevent nasal congestion that is very common during pregnancy. It improves blood circulation and prevents problems like high blood pressure, varicose veins, and edema during pregnancy. It prevents the formation of gallstones during pregnancy.
Disclaimer: The people with allergy for beta – glutan should avoid.

This information is compiled for the wellbeing of society.

Available as: 100g, 200g, 400g & 1 Kg.

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