Pure Raw Forest Honey Sunflower 1 KG-Pack of 1

Pure Raw Forest Honey Sunflower 1 KG-Pack of 1


Extracted this honey by setting up beeboxes in the area of large cultures of sunflowers which is found in the place karmala in the Solapur district of Maharashtra.
bees can find enough nectar and pollen from sunflower .
The honey collection takes in the month of August to September.

Colour -changes from yellow to brown as per days after extraction.

Crystallisation- The sunflower honey has fast crystallisation property.

Taste- Sunflower honey tastes like jaggery so many people confused with this.

Pollen and fructose content- It?s very high pollen & less fructose in sunflower honey.

It is unifloral honey.
Antibiotic free honey.

Cold & flu
? 100 grams of honey is mixed with the juice of one and half a lemon, take 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day.
To strengthen and improve hair growth:
At 4 parts of onion pulp add 1 part of sunflower honey, rub this mixture on the hair roots and after 30 minutes rinse with warm water. Add some olive oil if your hair is dry.
Lung & Kidney diseases:
Take 1 tablespoon of honey daily in case of lung & kidney diseases
Brain development for children :
Give 1 tablespoon of honey daily results a good brain development

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We serve our customers natural raw unprocessed honey. Natural Honey is collected seasonally from farms all over India. We differ from others as we produce and serve natural unprocessed honey at affordable prices compared to other commercial brands of honey. Apart from this, we also help farmers by providing bee hive for pollination which yields in higher production of farms. Why honey brought from supermarket fails to live up to your expectation? Many brands sell honey. Yet, one has little knowledge about their source. Does one get to see their beekeeping setup? The answer would be ?NO?. They buy honey from beekeepers and sell at a higher rate. We sell different types of honey at affordable prices to help others lead a healthy life. We are passionate about beekeeping, and have confidence in the quality of our product.
Here?s our open challenge to the consumers. Should you find 0.1% of artificialness in our honey, we will reward you cash price of 1 lakh. Do give our Raw Honey a try and you will never buy processed honey from the market. We offer honey obtained from Sunflower, Acacia, Ajwain, Tulsi, Forest (Multiflower), and a lot more (of course, based on season).

We have collected this honey from organic Sunflower farms of Maharashtra and bees used is Apis mellifera.
Health Benefits:
1) Cold or Flu.
2) Lung and Kidney Diseases.
3) Heart and Blood Vessels.
4) Wound Healing.

Know more about our beekeeping on https://purerawhoney.co.in/about/

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